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Enrolling Now!! For Fall 2107 Session

The River Institute will begin Fall Semester on August 30, 2017
In Dallas, NC

Internship Program

The River Global Institute Internship Program is geared towards post high school graduates and young adults who desire to learn the ins and outs of ministry in a dynamic environment. Whereas a classroom setting is designed to communicate large amounts of information orally (the Knowledge), an internship communicates information practically (the Application). It is designed to train student in both a classroom and a hands on approach. RGI works with Logos University to offer young adults, generally between the ages of 18-15 years old, a unique opportunity to become biblically equipped with classroom teaching, and practical application.

Through our affiliation with with Logos University, RGI is able to offer students this invaluable teaching/training combination which will allow them to become an a integral part of helping to developing the “vision” of the local church. This program allows the student to work closely with the senior pastor and other staff members of the church. Each student will receive the benefit of being Discipled by mature and experienced leaders. It will also prepare the younger students for entering the secular workforce through leadership Development, and practical Life skills. Those who complete the initial training session will be able to continue on with studies to earn a diploma or degree form Logos University.

The Internship program is six month minimum.


Ministry Tracks Include:

Children’s Ministry

Youth Ministry

Outreach and Evangelism

Sound and Video Engineering



Worship Team Ministry

High School & College Ministry


*For those student in the Missions track, a supervised Missions Trip is part of the training, and involves other costs in addition to the general training session.